Groups and Organizations

The Professional Development Program (PDP) welcomes groups and organizations wishing to send multiple participants to the Cornell University campus. From a single hotel sending a small group, to a larger organization sending a whole team, PDP can meet the needs of any group or organization.

We offer special incentives to:

  • Corporations of any size
  • Management companies
  • Associations
  • Academic groups as part of a degree program
  • Individual properties interested in volume pricing

Our enrollment team works with human resources, learning and development, and group organizers to select the right courses for individuals or to help organizations meet goals as a group. Let us provide support with regard to travel, lodging, and payment logistics.

We can also work closely with our custom programs team to create blended-learning opportunities when organizations choose to leverage the curriculum and structure of PDP as a complement to other Cornell executive education initiatives.

Case Example #1: The Avila Hotel, Curacao

Nic Moller with staff from the Avila HotelNic Moller, a long-time Ithaca resident with ties to both Cornell and the Avila Hotel, sponsored employees to attend PDP each year.

The management team at this independent hotel in the Caribbean understands the benefit of sending colleagues to PDP as a reward for a job well done. Not only do employees gain valuable knowledge that continues to improve hotel operations, but the demonstrated commitment to professional growth has improved employee retention.

Case Example #2: ESCP, Europe

Staff from ESCP, Madrid holding certificates with staff from the Office of Executive EducationStudents earning a master's degree from ESCP, Europe attend PDP as the capstone to their degree program.

Although PDP courses are not for university credit, participants have an invaluable opportunity to study and network in the U.S. on the world-renowned Cornell campus.

Case Example #3: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Philippines

Staff from Plantation Bay Resort and SpaIn the last 15 years, the employees of this beautiful luxury property have completed over 150 PDP courses.

This initiative comes straight from the top—the president of the company encourages and sponsors employees year after year. For many, the ultimate goal is to earn one of our certifications by attending between one and four courses each year.


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