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Service Excellence On-Demand Training

Service is who we are.

Make service your competitive advantage.

Excellent customer service stems from strong strategies, approaches, and techniques that anyone can leverage. Cornell University’s Service Excellence On-Demand Training offers employees eight online lessons exploring the foundations of service delivery, complemented by a Workshop Guide to facilitate on-site discussion and localization of concepts.

Training Details.

Blended learning approach: Employees first learn, practice, and demonstrate service-excellence concepts and strategies through eight online, self-paced lessons. Supervisors and managers then facilitate face-to-face meetings with their teams using the detailed Service Excellence Workshop Guide. The Workshop Guide includes instructions and pointers for facilitators as well as detailed questions to ensure that employees connect service-excellence concepts to the execution of their daily duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Concepts and strategies learned in the online portion are contextualized at the unit level to improve retention and reinforce company standards.

Learning time: Four to six hours for online lessons; recommended 30 minutes per lesson for each facilitated workshop event. On-demand training can be taken over time, lesson-by-lesson, or all in one day.

Technology: Learners are required to have access to a web-enabled device. Training lessons can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Recognition: Learners who successfully complete all eight lessons will receive recognition of their achievement from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.


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