Classroom Programs

The executive education classroom learning experience at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration provides participants with interactive, in-person engagement opportunities with industry professional peers and renowned Cornell faculty through a variety of program options. Explore, develop, and apply ideas to advance your business and personal success surrounded by the beauty and pure reverence of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY USA.

Renowned Faculty Interaction

Cornell professors set the agenda and the tone and bring applied research and real world data to the challenges and opportunities faced by the executives in the room. The result is engaged and active discussion that generates discovery, knowledge, and ideas which in turn inspire great business results.

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General Managers Program

A ten-day learning experience for hotel general managers and their immediate successors. This on-campus experience is the beginning of a lifelong connection to Cornell and its expanding base of knowledge and relationships.

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Professional Development Program

A series of three-day courses offered in the summer on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York, USA. Courses are geared toward hospitality professionals who have a minimum of two years experience in the hospitality industry or a related field.

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Pricing Incentives

Learn how organizations can benefit from collaboration and pricing incentives for classroom-based programs at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.

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