Menu Collection

The Nestlé Library collects menus from a wide variety of restaurants; everything from fine dining to quick service. Use this form to search our menus database for information on the menus or use our advanced search page for more search options.

We currently have a small portion of the menus scanned and available to be viewed as images. View a list of menus with images.

Available Search Operators

Type the word you want to find (Italian) or type a phrase (Italian Restaurant) to find those words, in that order.

Operator Type this... To find...
  italian restaurant a phrase (those words, in that order).
OR: | italian | restaurant either word (or both)
AND: & italian & restaurant items that contain both words. words (items that contain just one of the words will be ignored)
Wildcard: % %al Items that contain any characters AND 'al', i.e: Annual, meal, Alladin's Natural Eatery
Minus: - italian - restaurant Items with italian chosen but not with restaurant
With the exception of the Wildcard operator "%", do not begin your search text with an Operator. I.e: & dinner - will not produce any results.