The marketing concentration is structured to prepare students for careers in hospitality marketing. Within the hospitality industry, marketing activity is carried out by hospitality suppliers, intermediaries, and service providers. This includes, but is not limited to, firms like individual properties, chains, cruise lines, management and ownership companies, travel and restaurant intermediaries (wholesalers, travel agencies, and online travel agencies), consulting firms, marketing agencies, and market information providers.

The way marketing is being conducted and managed is undergoing a fundamental change. Increasing global use of the Internet, search engines, social media, and mobile devices is changing how consumers shop, search, and buy hospitality services. Managing marketing in this environment is evolving rapidly. Chains are playing a larger global role in both restaurant and lodging marketing management. Hence, there is an industry need for students who understand the basic concepts of marketing and are able to manage it in a dynamically changing marketplace. The marketing concentration is structured to prepare students for this environment and a rewarding career in the hospitality industry.

Concentration Advisor

Robert Kwortnik

Robert Kwortnik
Associate Professor of Services Marketing