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Daphne Jameson


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Faculty Expertise

  • Management Communication


School of Hotel Administration
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Daphne A. Jameson, professor in the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, studies and teaches about the ways in which language is used in business, technical, and other professional contexts, with special attention to the hospitality industry. Using theories, methods, and epistemologies of the humanities, she has explored how narrative discourse and rhetorical strategy influence management action, financial decision-making, service quality, and organizational ethos. Her interest in the intersection between language and technical subject matter arose from her dual background in mathematics and literature. Her publications include studies of management communication in the restaurant industry, discourse in public debates about convention center location and cost, narrative strategy in investment reports, and the "green" rhetoric of environmental initiatives in the hotel industry. She has also written about the roles that language, symbolism, and storytelling played at Enron, Starbucks, and other corporations. After earning a Ph.D. in English from the University of Illinois, she joined the faculty of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, where she has created and taught courses in managerial, intercultural, and organizational communication, as well as serving as Richard and Monene Bradley Director of Graduate Studies. Active in the Association for Business Communication, Modern Language Association, and other organizations, she has won numerous awards for research, teaching, advising, and service.

Selected Publications

  • Jameson, Daphne; Brownell, Judi. "Going Green: How Organizations Use Narrative to Build Commitment to Environmental Values" Discourse Perspectives on Organizational Communication, Ed. Robyn Walker, Ed. Jolanta Aritz. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. (2012)
  • Jameson, Daphne. "New Options for Usability Testing Projects in Business Communication Courses" Business Communication Quarterly. 76.4 (2013): 397-411
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Telling the Investment Story: A Narrative Analysis of Shareholder Reports" Journal of Business Communication. 37.1 (2000): 7-38
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Narrative Discourse and Management Action" Journal of Business Communication. 38.4 (2001): 476-511
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Crossing Public-Private and Personal-Professional Boundaries: How Changes in Technology May Affect CEOs’ Communication" Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. (forthcoming).
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Who Owns My Words? Intellectual Property Rights as a Business Issue" Business Communication Quarterly. 74.2/June 2011 (2011): 210-215
  • Jameson, Daphne. "The Rhetoric of Industrial Espionage: The Case of Starwood v. Hilton" Business Communication Quarterly. 74.3/September 2011 (2011): 289-297
  • Jameson, Daphne. "The Rhetoric of Financial Decision Making: An Analysis of Public Discourse Concerning the New Washington Convention Center" Journal of Convention and Event Tourism. 8.4 (2007): 47-61
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Reconceptualizing Cultural Identity and Its Role in Intercultural Business Communication" Journal of Business Communication. 44.3 (2007): 199-235
  • Jameson, Daphne. "Using a Simulation to Teach Intercultural Communication in Business Communication Courses" Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication. 55.4 (1993): 3-11

Awards and Honors

  • Kitty O. Locker Outstanding Researcher Award (2007) Association for Business Communication
  • Ted Teng '79 Dean's Teaching Excellence Award (2008) School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
  • Outstanding Advisor Award (2008) School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University
  • Outstanding Article of the Year, "Telling the Investment Story: A Narrative Analysis of Shareholder Reports" (2000) Journal of Business Communication, 37, 1, 7-38
  • Outstanding Article of the Year, "Implication Versus Inference: Analyzing Writer and Reader Representations in Business Texts" (2004) Business Communication Quarterly, 67, 4, 387-411

Academic Degrees

  • PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1979
  • MA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1973
  • BA Ohio State University, 1969