2016 Pitch Deck Competition

First place, Dona NataCongratulations to the 2016 winning teams!

  1. First place: Dona Nata
  2. Second place: SportStorm
  3. Third place: Bill’s Beer, Bread, and Cheese

Team Dona Nata

Natalia Ruiz MMH ’17 and Antonio Miceli MMH ’17 is introducing to the market traditionally-cooked, authentic Mexican cuisine prepared and delivered in a fresh market setting evoking the “fonda” Mexican dining style.

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Team SportStorm

Sam Frey ’20 and Harrison Bernstein ’20, proposes to combine sports and fashion to create a new spin on winter jackets. Our jackets are a fresh idea that will gain unquestioned popularity within the sports industry.

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Team Bill’s Beer, Bread, and Cheese

William Mangan MMH ’17 and Lydia Xu MMH ’17 highlights Fishtown, Pennsylvania’s industrial past by creating a fast-casual restaurant, bar and market that has its own craft brewery, artisanal bakery and distinctive cheese cave on premise. Guests are encouraged to watch and learn how to make beer, bread and cheese, enjoy innovative beer, bread and cheese pairings through our dine-in menu that integrates our three artisanal products, as well as take their favorite Bill’s products home.

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