Marco Benvenuti, MMH '05

Marco Benvenuti MMH '05

Marco Benvenuti, MMH '05

Co-founder and Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

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Marco Benvenuti is co-founder and chief analytics and product officer at Duetto, where he directs product vision, direction, and implementation of Duetto’s revenue strategy technology. Marco developed the basis of the revenue strategy system that became Duetto’s core product while working at Wynn and then with Duetto Consulting. Upon founding Duetto, he began providing consulting services for the hospitality, gaming, entertainment, and sports industry, specializing in profit optimization, business intelligence, change management, and process engineering.

As executive director of enterprise strategy at Wynn Las Vegas & Encore, Marco optimized profitability throughout the resort by implementing new methodologies and technologies. He created and led the new integrated team that brought together the revenue management, enterprise marketing, business analytics, online channels management, and research and development departments.

Earlier at the Wynn, Marco was IT director, where he led strategic dialogs and architecture discussions, drove initiatives to improve the guest experience, and applied analytics to optimize profitability for overall hotel operations. Strategy sessions also extended to business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise applications integration, while Marco managed the IT budget and implemented the strategic plan.

Marco handled earlier revenue management assignments at Harrah’s and Expedia, and began as a manager in training at the Four Seasons Chicago. He holds patents for a revenue management pricing engine, for a process algorithm to score each customer in a database based on their overall profitability, and for a multi-tenant cloud revenue management service that sets prices based on inputs from both cloud and non-cloud services.

A graduate of the University of Nevada–Las Vegas, he sits on the UNLV Hotel Alumni Board. He holds a Master in Management of Hospitality from Cornell University, where he is a member of the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research Board.