NY Mets CEO and real estate tycoon, Fred Wilpon, has Q&A with Cornell Real Estate Club

"I think everyone should have about four to five years of experience working for a real estate company before they go at it on their own," commented Mr. Fred Wilpon, co-founder and senior partner of Sterling Equities, and chairman and CEO of the New York Mets. The Cornell Real Estate Club was fortunate to host Mr. Wilpon for an informal Q&A on Friday, September 25, which drew nearly 30 undergraduate real estate club members to the event. 

Mr. Wilpon kindly shared his life story with us, describing his early years in real estate, sports, and media, all of which are now part of his family’s conglomerate. He suggested that we should always "follow our passion and take calculated risks," alluding to his decision to resign from his first job, which was selling calculators (or “machines” as he nostalgically referred to them) so he could work in the real estate industry. 

Even though Mr. Wilpon’s first real estate deal, Cedarhurst, New York, was not an instant success, he remained true to his passion—real estate and sports. Mr. Wilpon noted that his success stemmed not from viewing each of his businesses in a silo, but rather from recognizing opportunities to meld seemingly unrelated businesses. 

We would like to thank Mr. Wilpon for speaking so candidly with us and for sharing the secrets of his success. We look forward to seeing Mr. Wilpon at our future events.