Real Estate Minor

Stole Ceremony

We’ve been reporting on the Real Estate Minor for several years now, with much of the focus being on growth in the number of students in the minor, growth in course offerings, and growth in activities related to the minor. Early 2014 finds us at an interesting crossroads; we celebrate our fifth year as part of Cornell’s intellectual fabric and have a well-accepted and well respected curriculum. The number of students in the undergraduate minor has reached a steady state; 350 students are taking the curriculum and 120 graduate on an annual basis. As faculty advisor, I continue to be impressed by students’ enthusiasm for real estate and the rigorous coursework being taken by so many students in the minor. Employer interest continues to grow, we had a record year for on-campus recruiting and the number of job offers; in addition, both the Career Management office and faculty report an increase in contacts from firms looking for graduating students and interns.

In a new initiative, we have re-launched the graduate minor in real estate under Prof. Jack Corgel’s guidance as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Real Estate Field. A major objective of the re-launch was to increase the rigor and quantity of courses in the graduate minor to match the undergraduate minor. This year, thirty graduate students from across the university join the 350 students in the undergraduate minor. Our goal is to support a 50 student graduate minor.

Lastly, the Real Estate Minor Alumni of Cornell (REMAC) organization continues to grow, now with over 400 members. We urge all of our alumni to become active members in this organization. Check the REMAC column in the newsletter for further information.

Jan deRoos
Associate Professor and HVS Professor of Hotel Finance and Real Estate