CREF Open House

In the afternoon on September 5, we welcomed nearly 60 students to the CREF suite in Statler Hall for the first ever CREF Open House. Following a Freshman Orientation session, during which each of the four Center and Institute Directors spoke about their respective organizations, the students dispersed throughout the building to learn more about their selected Center or Institute. The CREF Director, Daniel Quan, welcomed the group and introduced several faculty and students who shared information about the CREF and its activities. David Weinstein and David Fitzpatrick, co-presidents of the Cornell Real Estate Club, announced the lineup of workshops, roundtables and networking events scheduled for the fall semester. Tom Jaeger, David, and David all shared their personal summer internship experiences and gave advice to the new students on how to best approach the job search. Start early and make connections was impressed upon the

group by all three upper level students. Coach for Cornell’s team in the Real Estate Case Competition, Daniel Lebret, explained the great benefits of being part of the team and participating in this prestigious competition. Finally, Professors Jan deRoos and Jack Corgel described what it takes to minor in Real Estate and how this choice in their educational experience can give students a pronounced advantage in the workforce. The event brought new faces to the CREF and kick-started an exciting semester of activities.