From the Director

David Sherwyn Academic Director of CIHLER

The old adage: “may you live in interesting times” certainly applies to labor and employment relations in the hospitality industry. As the McDonald’s joint-employer trial continues, the Department of Labor has enacted a new standard for the minimum amount of money employees must earn to be exempt from overtime; labor and employee attorneys and their clients grapple with the new persuader rules; cities such as Seattle are seeking to enact legislation that would require, by law, hospitality employers to operate under a set of employment rules that far exceed any type of legislation that any of our Advisory Board members have ever seen; and union elections in the industry are on the rise as the “quickie elections” become the norm.

CIHLER is working to ensure that our members and the industry we serve are able to exchange information and work on solutions that will benefit the entire industry. In the next several months we will hold a number of Roundtables on the topics above, work with relevant stakeholders to develop legislative models that make sense for employees and employers, analyze the work of the relevant administrative agencies, and produce research that will shed light on this most interesting of times. We are also attempting to develop an improved method for dispute resolution. Last, I would be remiss if I did not mention that on October 17 we will concurrently be hosting our 2nd Annual HR Roundtable and our 15th Annual Labor and Employment Law Roundtable. We hope that our regular participants come back, as well as our more infrequent guests. For the first time we are holding two Roundtables on the same day (with shared breaks, meals, and a session), and we are celebrating 15 years of debating the latest in labor and employment law!

David Sherwyn
John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources

Academic Director of the Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow