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2019 CHR Roundtable Addresses Sustainability Initiatives in Hospitality Industry

Sustainability initiatives in the hospitality industry address an extensive variety of issues.  Each year for the past 10 years, The Center for Hospitality Research at The School of Hotel Administration in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, has hosted a Sustainability Roundtable that focuses on issues in the hospitality industry.  This year, […]

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Cornell Real Estate Market Indices: Third Quarter 2019: Is Bad News Fake News?

Crocker Liu released a recent Cornell Report highlighting that only hotels in the South Atlantic region experienced a positive price momentum during this period.* The performance of hotels in non-gateway cities declined at a faster rate relative to those in gateway cities. Hotel financial operating performance has finally returned to positive profitability with operating profit […]


Leveraging Bike-Share Systems to Improve Guest Experiences and Attract Tourists

Elena Belavina, Cornell University and Ashish Kabra, University of Maryland

Bike-share systems have become a popular method for traveling within a city, and they are rapidly growing in many cities around the world, including New York, Paris, and Shanghai. This rapid growth allows tourists to explore a city on their own, using a communal bike, giving them an essential new way to discover the city. […]

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Cornell Real Estate Market Indices: Second Quarter 2019: Gradual Hotel Slowdown: Has the Party Ended?

Crocker Liu released a recent Cornell Report which introduces new regional indices of hotel performance. Based on these indices, hotels in the Midwest and Mountain regions (mostly hotels in Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada) have outperformed other regions, while hotels in the Pacific region (primarily California) and South Atlantic region (mostly Florida) have grown at a […]

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Equipment Purchases: Putting a Number on It

Pamela C. Moulton and Yifei Mao

When hospitality managers price out potential new or replacement equipment, they generally can choose among several different models that could do the job. Sometimes a particular model is a standout, but more often the comparison involves each model’s up-front costs, ongoing running costs, and expected useful life, as well as each machine’s specific features. However, […]

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2018 CHR Roundtable Highlights Hospitality Industry Sustainability Strategies

Owners are increasingly joining with operators and brands to improve the hotel industry’s sustainability strategies. The result of this cooperation is stronger corporate and operational sustainability strategies and practices, as discussed in the 2018 Cornell Sustainability Roundtable, which was recently hosted by the Center for Hospitality Research at the School of Hotel Administration in Cornell’s […]


Building Better Customer Satisfaction in a World of Technology

Cornell Hospitality Research

by Elizabeth Martyn and Christopher Anderson As the hospitality and service industry makes greater use of computer applications and virtual technology, personal contact with employees becomes increasingly important for customer satisfaction. In a recent report from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR), we explore how those customer contact employees can be trained in the […]

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Cornell Study Highlights the Critical Importance of Brand Consistency

CHR Insights

By Chris Anderson When travelers are searching for a hotel in a particular destination, their internet search gives them a page of hotel listings—and they’ll probably choose to book one of the hotels that appear on that search page. The question is, how do they choose? As I explain here, the answer increasingly is, the […]


Cornell Hospitality Summit Series: Hospitality Technology Disruption

By Klaus Kohlmayr, chief evangelist, IDeaS I had the great pleasure to join some of the leading experts in travel technology at Cornell University to discuss disruption and transformation in the hospitality industry at their Hospitality Research Summit last October. Our conversations covered a wide range of subjects, from how to improve the guest experience to what the […]

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Robots: Hotel customers like them (mostly)!

CHR Insights

By Lina Zhong and Rohit Verma When Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock needed information, they would hail the Enterprise‘s computer, and the computer would respond to their request. In 1966, that was an amazing piece of science fiction. Now, with Siri, Alexa, and other devices with artificial intelligence, we all are figuratively standing on the bridge of […]