2014 Press Releases

Research Reports and Tools

Cornell Report Demonstrates the Power of Management Integrity
December 22, 2014
Cornell Study Finds that Loyal Sports Fans Focus on Complete Service Experience
December 16, 2014
Cornell Study Highlights Customers' Role in Service Quality
December 09, 2014
Cornell Study Introduces a "Canary" for Hotel Loan Delinquencies
November 24, 2014
Cornell "Cyborg" Study Focuses on the Combination of Technology with Customer Service
November 05, 2014
Restaurant Customers Are Ready to Use Payment Technology, says Cornell Study
October 21, 2014
Cornell Studies Demonstrate How Eye Tracking Creates a Window to Consumers' Thoughts
October 15, 2014
Brands' Hotel Ownership Doesn't Always Limit Management Opportunism, says Cornell Study
September 16, 2014
Broken Hotel Management Contracts Can, and Do, End Up in Court, says Cornell Report
September 09, 2014
Cornell Study Finds LEED Certification Boosts Hotel Revenue
July 31, 2014
Cornell Study Finds Technology and Educational Opportunities Boost Tradeshow Effectiveness
July 03, 2014
Cornell Study Finds Electronic Payments Set to Expand in U.S. Restaurants
June 10, 2014
Cornell Report Focuses on Advantages of Arbitration for Employers and Employees
June 04, 2014
Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarks Will Benefit Travelers and Industry
May 22, 2014
Sustainable Hotels Earn Higher Guest Ratings, Says Cornell Study
April 02, 2014
Cornell Study Finds Eco-Certified Hotels Are More Resource Efficient
March 27, 2014
Cornell Report Focuses on Travel Planners' Decision-Making
March 18, 2014
Cornell Reports Highlight Women in Hospitality
February 19, 2014
Cornell Study Demonstrates the Value of Hotel Loyalty Programs
January 30, 2014
Cornell Study Finds that Economic Value Added (EVA) Opens a Window into Hotel Investments
January 28, 2014