2011 Press Releases

Research Reports and Tools

Cornell Studies Examine Hotel Operating Results in Spain and the U.K.
December 15, 2011
Cornell Center for Hospitality Research Studies Focus on Social Couponing for the Hospitality Indust
November 14, 2011
Study Published in Cornell Quarterly Finds Hotel Guests Are Still Using the Phone to Make Reservat..
October 20, 2011
Managers Can Analyze Their IT Networks and Service Staffing with New Resources from CHR
October 17, 2011
Cornell research analyzes current state of restaurants' online food ordering and introduces a hote..
September 15, 2011
Online Reviews Prove to Be Overwhelmingly Positive, Says Cornell Report
August 24, 2011
The Industry's Most Popular Hotel Valuation Tool Now Updated: Cornell Center for Real Estate and...
August 22, 2011
Cornell Report Details Comprehensive “Self-Healing” Service System
August 10, 2011
Cornell Study Highlights Ways to Offset Customers' Skepticism on "Green" Restaurant Practices
August 04, 2011
Study of Hotel Guests' Sustainability Preferences Is the Featured Article in August 2011 CQ
July 26, 2011
Cornell Study Proposes Uniform Sustainability Reporting Framework for The Hospitality Industry
July 18, 2011
For Women Business Travelers, Focus on the Full Effect, Not Individual Amenities, says Cornell Study
June 28, 2011
Cornell Service Innovation Roundtable Focuses on Industry Innovation
June 21, 2011
Cornell Brand Roundtable Provides Key Insights for Successfully Measuring and Managing Brands
June 08, 2011
Cornell Study Says to Use Marketing Analysis for Effective Loyalty Programs
May 31, 2011
Maritz and Cornell White Paper Explains the New Relationship-oriented Business Landscape
May 18, 2011
Focus on Customer Experiences to Build Your Brand, Say Cornell Conference Participants
May 10, 2011
Cornell Study Finds Customers Seek Convenience and Control in Online Food Ordering
May 05, 2011
Cornell & Vantage Strategy Study Online Marketing Practices of Lodging and Destination Organization
April 21, 2011
Cornell Quarterly Study Finds that Personality Weighs Heavily in Hospitality Hiring Decisions
April 18, 2011
Cornell Study Shows Promotion Effect of Online Travel Sites
April 11, 2011
Cornell Hospitality Research Summit Explores the Dimensions of Electronic Distribution & Revenue Mgm
April 06, 2011
Cornell Study Finds Quick-Service and Fast-Casual Chains Gradually Making Use of Electronic Ordering
March 21, 2011
Cornell Professor Publishes Updated and Expanded Techniques to Improve Restaurant Tips
March 15, 2011
February 2011 CQ Describes Taj's Award-winning Customer Service Upgrade Process
March 14, 2011
Cornell Hospitality Research Summit Catalogues Opportunities and Challenges in Use of Social Media
March 08, 2011
Cornell Study Tests Hotel Energy Saving Treatments
March 07, 2011
Cornell Research Summit Examines the Challenges of Sustainable Hospitality Operations
February 22, 2011
Hotels' Recovery from External Shocks Started Sooner than Expected, says Cornell Study
February 21, 2011
Cornell Study Analyzes Successful Hospitality Human Resources Innovations
February 08, 2011
Cornell Hospitality Research Summit Outlines Hotel Industry Recovery
February 04, 2011
Cornell Center for Hospitality Research Issues 2011 Compendium of Publications
January 31, 2011
Cornell Report Demonstrates How to Develop a Destination Brand
January 19, 2011
Study of Excellence in Customer Service Named 2010 Best Article in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
January 17, 2011
Cornell Center for Hospitality Research Issues 2010 Annual Report
January 12, 2011
Cornell Study Explores the Effects of Health Insurance on Employees' Job Characteristics
January 05, 2011

CHR Miscellaneous Press Releases

Cornell Roundtables Look at Sustainability and Healthcare
December 22, 2011
Cornell Hospitality Research Summit 2012 Announces Call for Submissions
November 16, 2011
Cornell Hospitality Design Roundtable Focuses on Rapidly Expanding Boutique Hotel Segment
October 24, 2011
ASAE Foundation Becomes Newest Senior Partner of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
August 10, 2011
Consulting Firm Sathguru Management Consultants Becomes Partner of Cornell Center for Hosp Research
July 07, 2011
QUIS 12 Researchers and Practitioners Hear Top Keynotes and Share Research Findings
June 13, 2011
Cornell Roundtables Address Employment Law, Service Innovation, and Brand Management
May 25, 2011
Research Reports Co-Authored by Students Take Prestigious Awards in Annual Competition for...
April 27, 2011
First Cornell and SAS Hospitality Analytics Roundtable Focuses on Customers
April 20, 2011
Priceline.com Becomes a Partner of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
March 31, 2011
Benchmarking Survey Finds Rapid Movement into Social Media for Online Marketing Initiatives
March 30, 2011
Hilton, Marriott, Quaker Steak Executives to Discuss People Strategy at Hospitality Conference
February 10, 2011
Fox Rothschild LLP Renews Partnership with the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
February 01, 2011
Labor and Employment Law Session Highlights HR in Hospitality Conference
January 24, 2011