2009 Press Releases

Research Reports and Tools

Cornell Study Outlines Expanding Challenges of Electronic Communication Methods
December 15, 2009
Cornell Issues Comprehensive Food-Cost Training Program
December 08, 2009
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Article Reports on Differential Management Methods
November 19, 2009
Cornell Case Studies Profile Innovative Hospitality Firms
November 16, 2009
Cornell Study of Hotel Internet Marketing Tactics Quantifies "Billboard Effect" of Online Travel Age
October 29, 2009
Cornell Study Finds that Normal Int'l Hotel Operations Reduce the Need for Foreign Exchange Hedging
October 14, 2009
Cornell Center For Hospitality Research Releases Comprehensive Compilation of Wage-and-Hour Laws
September 30, 2009
Cornell Research Study Says Look at ADR to Find Competing Hotels
September 17, 2009
Cornell Research Center Issues New Forecasting Tool to Assist Hotel Revenue Managers
September 04, 2009
Hotel Management Study Finds Safety and Security Features Differ by Location, Age & Price of Hotel
August 20, 2009
Cornell Study Finds Pricing Issues Top Hotel Revenue Management Concerns Worldwide
August 06, 2009
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Hotel Management Study Finds Rescaled Hotels Make More Money
July 31, 2009
Cornell Research Highlights Strategies that Correlate to Increased Wine Sales
July 21, 2009
Cornell Legal Analysis: Two Supreme Court Decisions Expand Definition of Retaliation
July 08, 2009
Cornell Study Finds that Lower Hotel Prices Cost Hotels Money in Good Times and Bad
June 24, 2009
Cornell Center's Relevance Award Winners Focus on Hotel Marketing
June 11, 2009
Cornell Releases New Wine Research: A Cellar Management Tool
May 21, 2009
Price Presentation Influences Check Averages, New Cornell Research Shows
May 07, 2009
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Article States "Do as I Do" Is the Best Prescription for Quality
May 05, 2009
Cornell Study Finds Restaurant Goers Like Innovations in Early Dining Stages
April 22, 2009
Cornell Study Explains Why Listening Is Undervalued, but Critical in Service Excellence
April 08, 2009
Hold the Phone: Cornell Study Shows Value of Telephone and Online Reservations
March 25, 2009
Cornell Study Says Hotel Managers Worry about Human Resources, Economy
March 06, 2009
Loyalty Programs Improve Hotel Revenues, says CQ Best Article
March 04, 2009
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly Article Explains Investment Shortfall in Hotel and Restaurant Stocks
February 18, 2009
Cornell Restaurant Survey Tool Demonstrates Restaurants' Loyalty Power
February 11, 2009
Cornell Compendium Presents Over Forty Research Studies
February 05, 2009
Diners Are Dissatisfied with Close-Set Tables, Warns Cornell Restaurant Research Study
January 28, 2009
New Cornell Job Compatibility Index Expands Labor Pool for Hospitality Human-Resource Management
January 14, 2009

CHR Miscellaneous Press Releases

Cornell and SAS Webcast Focuses on Maximum Customer Value
December 10, 2009
Cornell Sustainability Roundtable: In Search of the "Green Bullet" to Aid in Green Hotel Efforts
November 18, 2009
Cornell Experts Say Hospitality Expertise Is Needed for Senior Living Communities
November 11, 2009
New Friends Will Assist Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
November 05, 2009
Cornell and SAS Webcast Focuses on Customer Data Collection and Analysis as a Team Effort
October 19, 2009
Cornell Roundtable Shows Connection of Strong Sales with Employee and Guest Satisfaction
October 05, 2009
Cornell and SAS Webcast Series Will Address Key Industry Issues
September 29, 2009
French Quarter Holdings Becomes Corporate Partner of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
August 18, 2009
Rohit Verma Is Named Executive Director of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
July 02, 2009
Cornell Panel Debates Whether Labor Law Reform Is Dead or Alive
June 10, 2009
Cornell Roundtable Highlights Contrasting Perspectives on Management Contracts
June 01, 2009
Viral Marketing Meets Hospitality Revenue Management in Cornell Roundtable
May 13, 2009
Cornell Design Roundtable Grapples With Green Hotel Challenges in Development, Operation
April 30, 2009
Cornell Roundtable Focuses on Human Resources Opportunities
April 21, 2009
Cornell Authors Update Management Contract Research
April 16, 2009
Operations Strategy, Supply Chains, and Service Tactics Are Blended in New Book
April 14, 2009
Business Software Leader SAS Becomes Partner of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
April 09, 2009
Smith Travel Research Renews Partnership with Cornell Center for Hospitality Research
March 19, 2009
eCornell Joins with Center for Hospitality Research to Offer Online Executive Education Opportunity
March 10, 2009
McDonald's USA Becomes Senior Partner of Cornell Research Center
February 23, 2009
SHA signs partnership with Philips to develop global hospitality solutions
February 04, 2009