From the Director

An important part of CHR’s mission is to increase knowledge. Two ways we accomplish this goal occur when our Advisory Board meets to share insights, and when we sponsor industry roundtables. We have hosted both the board and the following roundtables in recent weeks:

The CHR Advisory Board, which met in November at the office of Davis & Gilbert in NYC, is a tremendous source of energy and ideas. Twenty-four industry executives gathered to hear about research in progress, provide invaluable guidance to students currently engaged in research, and discuss the field’s most pressing research needs.
Four SHA students presented research they are currently undertaking at the school:

  • Tiffany Chung ’17 and Justin Sun ’17: “Customer Journey of a Curious Luxury Traveler”
  • Bethany Huan ’17: “Hotel Loyalty Points”
  • Elizabeth Martyn ’07, MS ’18: “Consistency is the Key to Customization: Training Impacts on Satisfaction & Performance”

The board heard from SHA Interim Dean Kate Walsh and was also introduced to a recently hired SHA faculty member, Eva Steiner, who shared her research interests, heard from the board members about the relevant issues they are seeing that relate to those areas, and discussed opportunities for how the CHR and faculty can work together to facilitate her work.

The Advisory Board meeting is an important part of CHR’s activities to raise the level of hospitality research. Board members’ advice and comments are of great value as we move forward. Likewise, the insights created at the roundtables have become the foundation of research studies published in the CHR Reports series.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the CHR.

Chris K. Anderson, PhD
Director, Center for Hospitality Research
Associate Professor, Services Operations Management