From the Director

Connecting People with Ideas

As you see in this newsletter, the Center for Hospitality Research remains very active as we continuously endeavor to fulfill our mission:  to facilitate and promote research of interest to the hospitality industry. This newsletter features our accomplishments of the past few months, which include published reports, successful roundtables, and the growth of ongoing research. All of these activities are aimed at fulfilling one of CHR’s major functions. We produce new ideas and knowledge and then we connect the hospitality industry with those ideas—with a goal of constant improvement.

The two industry roundtables that we just completed are a good example of linking people with ideas, joining academia with industry, and connecting students, academics, and practitioners with each other. The Hospitality and Healthcare Roundtable, held in March, continues the cross-disciplinary efforts between two major industries. We’ve learned that each enterprise can “borrow” ideas from the other, as healthcare businesses draw on hospitality concepts and hospitality businesses learn procedural disciplines from the healthcare industry. April’s Loyalty Program Management Roundtable highlights one of the hospitality industry’s more intriguing questions: how to get the most from loyalty programs. One thing we’ve learned is that loyalty programs certainly affect behaviors, but whether they have a positive return on investment is a more difficult question. The insights gained through the roundtable help identify the factors that must be present for loyalty programs to have the sort of positive financial impact they were designed to create.

Another way that the CHR connects people with ideas is our publications stream, which we make available to all people at no charge. So far we’ve posted nine CHR Reports in 2014, and I especially want to highlight reports on the value of sustainability and on the status of women in the hospitality industry. CHR supported the research work that made these reports possible.

None of this would be possible without the faithful support of our Partners. These corporate supporters allow us to sponsor research studies, produce industry roundtables, and issue research reports for the industry. We greatly appreciate the members of our Advisory Board who recently joined us for a successful board meeting.