SMOM - Services Marketing & Operations Management

The services marketing & operations management concentration consists of courses that define the primary sources of revenue generation in the industry: restaurants, lodging facilities, clubs, catering and special events, casinos, spas, beverage operations, etc. The choices enable a student to pursue an area of concentrated study in any one of eight tracks, organized in four broad areas: those that revolve around food service and beverage operations, specialty operations such as clubs, casinos, spas, etc. and revenue management.

Beverage Management

Advisors: D. Miller, G. Pezzotti, C. Stanley

This track of the concentration focuses on the beverage side of the food and beverage industry. Career paths include beverage managers in restaurants, hotels, and resorts, and staff positions with major wineries, wholesale distributors, and importers of various beverage products. Course selections for this specialization include:

Corporate Food & Beverage Operations: Restaurant, Resort, and Hotel Chains

Advisors: C. Gaulke, R. Kingra, H. Kolakowski, B. Lawrence, D. Miller, G. Pezzotti, C. Stanley, A. Susskind

This track of concentration focuses on the corporate, multi-unit foodservice industry. Career paths include food and beverage management in hotel and resort companies, multi-unit or regional management in corporate foodservice organizations, and the management of chain restaurant corporations. Course selections for this specialization include:

Information Systems Management

Advisor: M. McCarthy

This track of the concentration would assist leaders in any industry in improving their own efficiency and that of their companies by properly leveraging modeling, spreadsheet, programming, and database tools. Career paths include consulting, finance, revenue management, operations, marketing, and data analysis.

Required Courses

Plus other courses recommended by the concentration advisor, for an overall total of 12 credits.

Revenue Management

Advisor: C. Anderson

This track of the concentration focuses on helping hospitality firms more profitably manage their capacity. Careers include revenue manager, front office manager, reservations manager, and consultant.

Required Courses

Plus one of the following courses:

See the advisor for a complete list of related courses beyond those listed above.

Services Marketing Management

Advisors: H. Chun, C. Dev, M. Giebelhausen, R. Kwortnik, K. LaTour, M. Lynn

This concentration focuses on how to attract and keep profitable customers. It is appropriate for anyone planning a career in consulting, distribution, sales, brand management, marketing communications, and/or marketing research/consumer insight.

To fulfill the requirements for the marketing concentration, students must take a minimum of 12 elective credits in addition to the required core course, HADM 2430: Marketing Management for Services. All courses listed below are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

Specialty Operations: Clubs, Casinos, Catering, and Spas

Advisor: R. McCarthy

Required Courses

Any 12-credit combination of the following:

To find non-HADM (School of Hotel Administration) courses, please refer to the Cornell University Courses of Study website.