FARE – Finance, Accounting & Real Estate Concentration

The finance and accounting concentration focuses on analysis, financing, investing, and control.

The School of Hotel Administration (SHA) offers options to specialize within the finance and accounting concentration. A student should choose the track that most closely matches his or her career objectives.

Students opting for the finance and accounting concentration are strongly urged to augment their education with courses in probability and statistics, economics, econometrics, and mathematics. Firms hiring for entry-level positions look favorably on candidates with quantitative abilities. Taking courses in these areas will dramatically improve your competitiveness when interviewing for a position and will make you more effective as an industry professional.  Courses are selected with an appropriate faculty member in the concentration for a total of 12 credits minimum.

Finance (General, Corporate, Consulting)

Advisors: L. Canina, S. Carvell, P. Moulton

This track of the concentration is designed for students who wish to have flexibility in their career paths and/or want to prepare for a more generalized, financially-oriented career in either operations or consulting.  There are also course options for students wishing to further concentrate in corporate finance.

Hospitality Controllership

Advisor: M. MacAusland

This track of the concentration is designed for students seeking careers as financial controllers or as managerial accountants in hospitality operations or consulting.

Securities Analysis/Investment Banking

Advisors: L. Canina, C. Liu, P. Moulton

This track of the concentration is designed for students wishing to pursue careers on Wall Street as security or investment banking analysts.


Advisors: S. Robson, B. Wellstead

This track of the concentration deals with the planning and design of a variety of hospitality facilities. Careers include hotel interiors and foodservice design, corporate technical assistance, and renovation management.


Advisor: B. Wellstead

This track of the concentration focuses on the creation of new hotels and restaurants. Topics include project feasibility, financing, planning, design, and construction. Careers include real estate development, both as an entrepreneur and in a corporate environment.

For non-HADM (School of Hotel Administration) courses, please refer to the Cornell University Courses of Study website.