MMH Academic Calendar

Download MMH academic calendar 2017-2018 (PDF) 


May 8 Monday All Online eCornell courses are completed
  21 Sunday Optional first day of Orientation: Networking and Campus Tour
  22-25 Monday-Thursday MMH Orientation: Required Attendance
  26-29 Friday-Monday Break
  28 Sunday Class of 2017 Commencement
  29 Monday Memorial Day/Holiday/No Classes
  30 Tuesday Semester IA (Summer) Begins
June 23 Friday Concentration Advisor Event with Industry Participants
  28 Wednesday Semester 1A Ends/Last Day of Classes
July 3 Monday Final Exam:  Semester 1A HADM7230 Corporate Finance
  4 Tuesday Fourth of July/Holiday/No Exam
  5 Wednesday Final Exam:  Semester 1A HADM7240 Managerial Accounting
  6-9 Thursday-Sunday July Break - No Classes 
  10 Monday Semester 1B (Summer) Begins   
  10-18 Monday-Tuesday Fall Course Pre-Enrollment  
  14-16 Friday-Sunday Leadership Development Program: Required 1-credit core class 
August 10 Thursday Last day of Summer Semester 1B classes 
  14 Monday Final Exam: Semester 1B HADM7030 Operations Management
  15 Tuesday Final Exam: Semester 1B HADM7430 Marketing Management
  15 Tuesday Fall Semester Add Begins 
  16-21 Wednesday-Monday Break
  22 Tuesday Instruction Begins for Fall Semester  
  25 Friday MMH Teambuilding/Ropes Course Activity (after DDLS) 
  29 Monday 7-Week 1 Add Ends
September 4 Monday Labor Day - No Classes
  5 Tuesday Last Day to Add Classes
  26 Tuesday Hotel School's Real Estate Career Day
October 7-10 Saturday-Tuesday Fall Break Begins
  11 Wednesday Instruction Resumes, 7:30 a.m.
  16 Monday Last Day to Add 7-Week 2 Classes
  17 Tuesday Last Day to Drop Classes 
  24 Tuesday Hotel School's Career Day
  25-27 Wednesday-Friday Spring 2018 Pre-Enrollment 
November 6 Monday 7-Week Class 2 Drop Ends
  12-14 Sunday-Tuesday HX: The Hotel Experience in NYC:  MMH Reception
  22-26 Wednesday-Sunday Thanksgiving Recess (Begins 1:10 p.m. on Wednesday) 
  27 Monday Instruction Resumes 7:30 a.m. 
December 1 Friday Last Day of Fall Classes/Winter Party
  6-14 Wednesday-Thursday Final Exams: Fall Semester
  15-31 Friday-Sunday Winter Break: Externship Period Begins 


January 1-23 Monday-Tuesday Break: Externship Period Continues
  16 Tuesday Spring Course Add/Drop Begins
  24 Wednesday Semester III (Spring) Begins
  31 Wednesday 7-Week 1 Add Ends
February 7 Wednesday Last Day to Add Classes 
  17-20 Saturday-Tuesday February Break/Master Class 
  21 Wednesday Instruction Resumes
  21 Wednesday 7-Week 1 Drop Ends
March 2 Friday Hotel School's Spring Career Day
  21 Wednesday Last Day to Drop Classes
  26 Monday 7-Week 2 Add Ends
  31-April 8 Saturday-Sunday Spring Break
April 9 Monday Instruction Resumes
  16 Monday 7-Week 2 Drop Ends
May 9 Wednesday Last Day of Spring Classes
  14-22 Monday-Tuesday Final Exams for Spring 2018 Semester
  27 Sunday Commencement