Students may select an optional 12-credit concentration within the Hotel Elective requirement. Courses that fulfill concentrations are defined by the academic areas within the school. To declare a concentration and have it appear on your final transcript, all courses must be taken for a letter grade (unless offered as S-U), and a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA in the concentration courses must be attained. The deadline to declare a concentration is the last day of the student’s penultimate semester. the Declaration of Concentration form is available online at

Note: Students may complete the requirements for more than one concentration, but only one officially declared concentration will appear on the final transcript. (All verified completed minors will appear on the student’s transcript.)

Note: The 12 concentration credits are often taken within the School of Hotel Administration, which naturally fulfills the degree requirement for 12 credits of upper-level SHA Electives. Some concentrations may offer the option or require that the student take courses outside the School of Hotel Administration. If courses outside the school are used to fulfill any of the entire concentration credit requirement, the student must still fulfill the degree requirement of 12 credits of upper-level SHA Electives.

See also the listing of approved concentrations online at, talk to your faculty advisor in the Office of Student Services, or contact the faculty representative in your concentration area.

See: Minors and Appendix 2-Undergraduate Concentrations and Minors