Appendix 1: Practice Credit- Requirements and Guidelines

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of Practice Credit is to expose students to the hospitality industry and people who work in the industry, and to obtain practical experience in real working environments. This experience enhances the overall education students receive at the School of Hotel Administration. Students are urged to seek a variety of practical experience in the global hospitality industry.

The objective of the Practice Credit requirement is to ensure that the student’s education has the essential balance between theory and practice. In attaining this objective, students will be able to:

  • compare and contrast different types of organizations, company cultures, and management styles;
  • explore different departments/areas within an organization, and gain invaluable perspective regarding issues, concerns, and behaviors of employees at various levels;
  • improve their marketability upon graduation;
  • network with key people in the industry;
  • put classroom theory into practice in the real working environment and utilize this practical experience in future academic assignments;
  • recognize, develop, and practice skills necessary in their future careers;
  • test their career interests and gain valuable work experience in the various segments of the hospitality/service industry.

Program Administration

The Office of Student Services, 180 Statler Hall, administers the Practice Credit program. The role, scope, and authority of the Practice Credit program reside with the faculty of the School of Hotel Administration.

Fulfilling and Calculating Your Practice Credit Requirement

To graduate from the School of Hotel Administration Bachelor of Science program, students must work a minimum of 800 hours (two units), paid or unpaid, in the hospitality/service industry as defined by the School of Hotel Administration.

  • You must work a minimum of two separate employment periods, holding a minimum of two significantly different positions. No single position may qualify for more than 400 hours (one unit). If students have worked in one particular job for more than 400 hours, it will only qualify for one unit.
  • To receive two units of Practice Credit from the same organization, students must obtain prior approval from the Office of Student Services. The nature of the jobs must be different.
  • Entering first-year students may not receive Practice Credit for positions held prior to matriculation in the School of Hotel Administration. Work experience while in high school or the summer(s) between the high school senior year and first year at Cornell will not be considered for Practice Credit.

Students must fulfill the Practice Credit requirement and submit verification prior to university registration for their final two semesters. You will not be allowed to graduate unless you:

  • submit employment verification forms for appropriate work experience to the Office of Student Services;
  • receive an e-mail notification notifying you that the Practice Credit employment verification form has been processed.