Curriculum Requirements

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Core Courses (number of credits in parentheses)


HADM 1350 (2): Introduction to Hotel Operations

HADM 1360 (2): Introduction to Food Service Operations

HADM 2010 (3): Hospitality Quantitative Analysis

HADM 3010 (3): Service Operations Management

HADM 3350 (4): Restaurant Management

Management and Organizational Behavior; Human-Resource Management

HADM 1150 (3): Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Skills

HADM 2810 (3): Human Resource Management

Finance/Accounting; Real Estate Development

HADM 1210 (3): Financial Accounting

HADM 2210 (3): Managerial Accounting

HADM 2220 (3): Finance

HADM 3210 (3): Hospitality Financial Management

Food and Beverage Management

HADM 2360 (4): Culinary Theory and Practice

Marketing, Tourism, and Strategy

HADM 1410 (3): Microeconomics for the Service Industry

HADM 2430 (3): Marketing Management for Services

HADM 4410 (3): Strategic Management

Facilities Management, Planning and Design

HADM 2550 (3): Hospitality Development and Planning

HADM 3550 (3): Hospitality Facilities Management

Management Communication

HADM 1650 (3): Management Communication I

HADM 3650 (3): Management Communication II

Information Systems

HADM 1740 (3): Business Computing

HADM 2750 (2): Introduction to Information Systems Management


HADM 3870 (3): Business and Hospitality Law

Total Core                                    65

SHA Electives                               13*

Distributive Electives                    18**

  • First Year Writing Seminar (3 credit hours) is required and will count toward distributive electives.

Free Electives                                24***

Total Program                               120

Note: Physical education does not count toward your total credit hours earned for graduation.

Note: All core courses must be taken for a letter grade. SHA Electives also must be taken for a letter grade unless only offered as S-U basis (such as HADM 4300).

See: Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory Grades

* A minimum of 12 credits, 3000-level or higher, in the School of Hotel Administration.

** A minimum of 18 credits, to be taken outside the School of Hotel Administration. Online courses may not be taken during the fall or spring semester will not count toward Distributive Electives. Students must take a minimum of 3 credit hours in Humanities/Languages/Fine Arts/Performing Arts, Social Sciences, and Biological and Physical Sciences/Mathematics.

*** A minimum of 24 credits, to be taken either in or outside the School of Hotel Administration.