EBV Application

Apply to the EBV Program

Eligibility: Veterans with service-connected disabilities, designated by the Veterans Administration, who were on active duty after September 2001 are eligible to apply to the EBV program.

Costs and Logistics: The EBV program is available to eligible veterans at no cost. The program covers all costs—travel, lodging, and meals—for participants who are accepted. The EBV program is financially supported by the consortium of EBV universities and the generosity of private individuals and corporations.

Application Requirements: Successful applicants will demonstrate (1) an interest in entrepreneurship, (2) a desire to own and manage a business, and (3) the likelihood of successfully completing the program.

Program Schedule: Specific dates vary by university. Accepted applicants will be assigned to an EBV campus. All candidates interested in opening a business in the hospitality industry will be assigned to Cornell University. A telephone interview will be conducted to confirm eligibliliby for the Cornell program. Candidates not eligible for the Cornell program are then determined by proximity to an EBV campus.

The general schedule for Cornell University is as follows:

1. First week of September: Online module
2. Last week of September: EBV residency (nine-day residency at Cornell University)
3. First week of October: One-year mentor program

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which means application to the program is always open. However, while there are no application deadlines, admission is on a first-come, first-serve basis.