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Within these archived press releases, you will find a link back to the original published research study. PDF versions of these studies are available for download to registered users at no charge.

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Cornell Report Shows Hotel Brand Conversions Can Boost Performance
November 16, 2015
Center for Hospitality Research Reports on the New Science of Service Innovation
November 11, 2015
Updated Wine Cellar Management Tool Available from Cornell
October 27, 2015
Cornell Study Focuses on Ending Human Trafficking
October 15, 2015
Cornell Study Chronicles Communication Channels after BP Oil Spill
September 16, 2015
Cornell Study Analyzes Effects of EB-5 Financing on Hotel Development
August 30, 2015
Cornell Roundtable Analyzes Benefits and Threats from Big Data for Hospitality Firms
August 27, 2015
Cuba Offers Great Opportunities and Great Obstacles, Says New Report
August 07, 2015
Disruption Equals Opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs, Says Cornell Panel
July 17, 2015
Cornell Offers Sustainability Measurement Tool
July 02, 2015
Cornell Study Highlights Competencies for Club Leaders
May 29, 2015
Cornell Entrepreneurs Focus on Successful Hospitality Startups
May 20, 2015
Cornell Study Finds Travelers Want More Mobile Options
April 21, 2015
Cornell Roundtable Aims to Re-launch Loyalty Programs
April 16, 2015
Cornell Study Highlights Drivers of Hotel Risk Premium
March 26, 2015
Cornell Study Finds Hotel Guests Participate in and Support Environmental Sustainability Efforts
March 23, 2015
Cornell Study Supports Strategic Price Positioning in European Hotels
March 10, 2015
Cornell Compendium Presents Latest Hospitality Research
February 20, 2015
Cornell Online Tools Offer Stronger Presentations and Better Decisions
January 20, 2015