Admitting the best and brightest to SHA

November 10, 2016

StudentsDear SHA Alumni,

The admissions cycle is in full swing at SHA, with last week marking the deadline for early-decision applications. As our admissions team thoughtfully considers these prospective students, we want to share with you how today we attract the brightest—and most passionate—students to enroll as Hotelies.

This fall, our info sessions have expanded to offer biweekly presentations of Cornell Business undergraduate schools—both SHA and the Dyson School. This new format is exposing a larger audience of prospective Cornell students to our exceptional, world-renowned educational experience. These sessions are followed by a Q&A with our SHA Student Ambassadors. The opportunity for prospective freshman and transfer applicants to directly ask current students questions about our curriculum, internships, and the Hotelie culture maximizes our recruitment efforts.

SHA has always looked for applicants with the complete package of intellect, emotional intelligence, leadership, and industry engagement. We stand out as the only school in the university that still requires a resume as part of the application process. This, along with our school-specific applicant essay, enables candidates to describe their reasons why they want to become our next generation of Hotelies, and in doing so, highlight their hospitality passion, work experiences, and leadership—all the reasons why you were selected back in the day.

Together with our Hotelie Ambassadors, we are also taking the experience of an SHA campus tour and engagement with a current student into the virtual environment. This will enable us to expand our reach nationally and internationally.

We are delighted to share that in the year since we established the new optional interview policy (prior to the establishment of the CCB):

  • Applications have increased by over 30%.
  • The percentage of accepted applicants who enroll remains in the exceptional 80th percentile (the highest on campus).
  • 86% of these enrolling students have hospitality exposure or work experience.

Please be assured we are paying close attention to both the profile and success of our newly accepted students. We would also like to acknowledge the 800+ alumni who have volunteered their time to interview applicants. Your commitment to sharing your own Hotelie experience with prospective students is so vital to the school’s success! Thank you for your dedication to our school and its future!

With warm regards,

Kate Walsh signature

Kate Walsh, PhD
Interim Dean and E. M. Statler Professor
School of Hotel Administration

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