Statler Hotel recognized for outstanding sustainability program

February 21, 2014

Student discusses Statler's green initiatives

Statler staff and students work together to implement the hotel’s many green initiatives.

If you’ve stayed in a hotel, you’ve seen them—the signs of sustainability. Often they literally are signs—placards asking you to help save water by reusing towels and foregoing daily linen changes. Perhaps there is a recycling bin in your room.

But hotels are big places with lots of moving parts, and green initiatives in the guest rooms are just one piece. Hotels’ sustainability efforts must extend to many different areas of operations to have a real positive impact. Over the last few years, the Statler Hotel has made environmentally-friendly changes within its housekeeping, facilities, and food-and-beverage departments, and the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association recently recognized the Statler’s robust sustainability program with the 2014 Good Earthkeeping Award.


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As with any good business, the Statler doesn’t sacrifice its financial sustainability for environmental sustainability. Instead, SHA students in the Hotel Leadership Development Program have worked with industry leaders from the Hersha Group and the Statler’s professional staff to identify a program of green initiatives that benefit the planet and the bottom line.

Check out this Cornell Chronicle article and video to learn about the Statler’s sustainability efforts and how SHA students are putting their passion into action.

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