Resources for CHS Leadership

We hope the tools on this page will be useful to you as a CHS volunteer leader. To share feedback on these tools or request further assistance, email us at Join us on the CHS Leadership LinkedIn group to keep up to date with the various CHS happenings throughout the world.

CHS Brand

Chapter President's Handbook

The CHS Chapter President's Handbook is a comprehensive resource for the society's leaders to assist in increasing activity and membership, and to support the goals of the school and the society. The Handbook is designed to provide guidance in the organization, operation, and maintenance of a successful chapter and leadership network.

CHS Bylaws

The Cornell Hotel Society Bylaws are a set of rules adopted by the organization for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs.


The Cornell Hotel Society is proud to support the next generation of industry leaders through scholarships. The CHS global organization and chapters around the world have endowed over $1 million in scholarships with the School of Hotel Administration, helping ensure the best and brightest students are afforded a world-class education in hospitality management. To make a contribution to a scholarship fund, please refer to the CHS Scholarship Donation Form. Thank you for your support!

Faculty Road Show

Stay connected with the School of Hotel Administration (SHA) by hosting faculty as keynote speakers or inviting them to serve on panels. Talented SHA faculty members from all disciplines look forward to sharing their latest research or discussing trends in their areas of expertise at your chapter event.

Note: the Faculty Road Show is not intended to supplement seminar or conference formats to the greater industry or general public where speaker fees would ordinarily apply.

To make a request for a faculty guest speaker, complete a Faculty Road Show Request Form at least four months in advance of your event.

The Office of Alumni Affairs will match faculty travel and individual availability with your chapter's request, provided the date does not conflict with the school's academic schedule and other faculty commitments. Please do not contact faculty members directly.

  • Travel Expenses: Depending on the faculty member's schedule, travel expenses may be covered by SHA or CHS. The Alumni Affairs Office will coordinate reimbursement for CHS-related travel. CHS will not reimburse faculty if a chapter reaches out to faculty on its own.
  • Hotel Accommodations/F&B: If the visit is not in conjunction with the faculty member's prearranged travel to an existing conference or trip, the CHS chapter is expected to provide hotel accommodations and food and beverages during the faculty member's stay. Faculty should not expect accommodations for more than two nights.
  • International Chapters: For chapters outside the continental United States, prohibitive travel costs preclude sending a faculty member abroad for a single visit. If a faculty member has previously scheduled travel to a particular region and an international chapter would like to invite him or her to speak, the chapter is urged to make its request far in advance so that travel and chapter event schedules can be coordinated.

Recent Presentations

Emerging Trends in Sustainable Hospitality
- Jeanne Varney, Lecturer, Properties Development and Management 

Social Media and Sustainability; New Tools for Influencing Customer Behavior
- Rohit Verma, Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor in Asian Hospitality Management and Executive Director, Institute for Healthy Futures 

Turning the Tables: The Psychology of Restaurant Design
- Stephanie Robson, Senior Lecturer, Properties Development and Management