Past Programs

Every year, the students behind Hotel Ezra Cornell develop a cohesive theme for the conference and organize a set of educational programming that highlights the issues emerging from that theme. Each program features some of hospitality’s most respected leaders engaging in thought-provoking discussion and enlightening conversation about the state of the industry. See some of the past themes below:

HEC 96: “Together”

HEC 95: “Dare to Do: Impacting Society Through Hospitality”

HEC 94: “Finding Synergy”

HEC 93: “Sense of Place”

HEC 92: “face the future, preserve the past”

HEC 91: “the new normal. same game, new rules”

HEC 90: “…and the rest is history!”

HEC 89: “Food for Thought”

HEC 88: “The 88th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell”

HEC 87: “Life is Service Innovation”

HEC 86: “Global Hospitality: The Core of International Business”

HEC 85: “Managing Through and Thinking Forward: Opportunities for Innovation in the Down Economy”

HEC 84: “Illuminating the Possibilities: Learning from Las Vegas”

HEC 83: “A Weekend of Hospitality, Education, and Collaboration”

HEC 82: “Sustainability Through Innovation”