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If you want to lead, see the world, and put your dreams into action, you may be ready to become a Hotelie. The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (SHA) offers unparalleled preparation for careers in hospitality, real estate, business, and beyond.

See how well you match up:

  • I enjoy exploring new places and cultures
    The hospitality industry, by its very nature, is globally interconnected and rich in cultural diversity. Your diploma is also a passport.
  • Working with people energizes me
    Through a hospitality lens, you'll find that business isn't just about paperwork. It's about people.
  • I see myself as a leader
    Hospitality means taking ownership, managing and motivating a team, and driving results. You're in charge.
  • I am ambitious and action-oriented
    As a growth industry internationally, hospitality can offer a fast-track career that puts you in charge at a young age.
  • I am creative and can see potential where others do not
    The service industry is an environment where change and creative improvement are encouraged and rewarded.

If any or all of these describe you, good news: they also describe hospitality. Because hospitality is a global, people-driven industry where creative thinkers and take-charge types find themselves on the career fast-track.

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