University-Wide Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI)

Detailed information about the University-Wide Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation for current students is in the Current Students section.

The mission of the University-Wide Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) is to prepare Cornell students to be agents of change in careers that require the application of entrepreneurial thinking and action to economic and social challenges. Such careers include: 1) capitalizing on opportunities through the creation of new businesses; 2) working within startups or large innovative firms; 3) participating in initiatives to address social and environmental issues; and/or 4) contributing to entrepreneurial ecosystems through consulting, finance, accounting, law, and policy.

Underlying the MEI is the premise that the value of entrepreneurship education is to create an innovative, creative mindset and to add a set of entrepreneurial tools and experiences that will prepare students from across Cornell as citizens and professionals. There is no expectation that students have their own startup ideas nor that they necessarily aspire to become founders; the minor is not exclusively about ideation or the practical aspects of starting a company. Instead, it offers a more general approach to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving by including courses that focus on generalized academic frameworks, exploring a range of contexts and challenges.

The MEI is available to all undergraduate students who are graduating in fall 2018 or later across all colleges at Cornell University, including the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. The minor requires a total of 17 credits drawn from several defined categories of courses. Students must take each course using the grade option, and earn a C or above, for that course to be counted towards the minor.

Students who wish to apply for the minor must complete and submit an online Declaration of Intent on the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business minors website. Details and forms are available in the Current Students section of this website.

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