HADM 4150: Practical Leadership: Foundations for a Career

Spring. 1 credit. S/U grades only.


  • Kenneth Blanchard (ksb44) - Spring 2020


Overwhelming empirical research indicates that the strongest predictor of career success is the capacity to work effectively with and through others. Yet most courses on management and leadership overemphasize the strategic aspects of leadership and ignore the most important aspect of leadership: how to use yourself and your personal presence to lead and influence others. This course is a practical seminar designed to teach students how to understand and use themselves well, cultivate and leverage a network of relationships, to lead others effectively, and navigate the politics of an organization. This immersive weekend experience is divided into two parts: developing a sound understanding of self and building a foundation for leadership. Each of the areas of instruction creates clear and powerful insight into cultivating an individual “leadership point of view” or personal philosophy for leadership. The concept of “leadership point of view” has been taught by instructors in some of the most prestigious organizations in the United States and beyond.