HADM 6835: HADM 6835: Leading and Managing Teams

Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Prerequisite: HADM 1150 or HADM 2810 or PSYCH 1101. Undergraduate students must enroll in HADM 4835 . Co-meets with HADM 4835.


  • Jamie Martin (jlp358) - Fall 2020


Students will learn conceptual frameworks for understanding group dynamics and their effects on team performance. In addition, students will develop practical skills for building and managing effective groups and teams. These include the following capabilities: to choose and implement the team structures that are best for accomplishing specific goals, to diagnose team performance problems, and to design appropriate interventions. Topics include motivation, conflict resolution, creativity, decision-making, communication, diversity, emotional intelligence, and leadership styles. An overriding theme for this course is that effective leaders must use both analytic and interpersonal skills to effectively manage groups. Students will have the opportunity to develop these skills through case studies, self-assessments, experiential exercises, readings, discussions, papers, and group activities.