HADM 1910: Distinguished Lectures in Hospitality Management

Fall. 1 credit. S/U grades only.

Elective. Those wishing to enroll must attend the Friday, August 31, 2018, class and have until this date to formally add it. Online enrollment will close at 12 noon on Friday, August 31, 2018, the second week of classes.

Faculty teaching this course:

The Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series is a long-standing School tradition that provides a unique opportunity for successful industry leaders to share their experiences with Cornell students. In its 91-year history, the Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series has hosted the most influential and accomplished leaders from every segment of the hospitality industry. Speakers share their views about successful management styles, possible career paths, critical industry-related issues, and qualities conducive to successful business leadership. Students have an unparalleled opportunity to learn and question how hospitality leaders view the current and future status of the industry.