Tuition & Financing

MMH estimated expenses for the 2017-18 academic year

  • Tuition $26,306 per semester (Note: MMH is a three-semester program)
  • Books and supplies (est.) $1,500 per year
  • Health and accident insurance (est.) $3,097 per year*
  • Living allowance (est.):

    Single student: $28,689 ($2,391 per month)
    Spouse/partner: $14,549 ($1,212 per month)
    Each child: $8,474 ($706 per month)

  • Required course travel (est.) $2,500
  • Graduate student activity fee $85
* Health and accident insurance rates will be confirmed in late April/early May. Health insurance is mandatory for all accompanying family members.

Financing Opportunities

We encourage you to investigate multiple funding sources, including loans and outside grants. Other possible sources of funding include your employer, chambers of commerce, Fulbright offices, government agencies, trade associations, and foundations.

Loan Programs

Cornell University has been designated a direct lender by the U.S. government, which facilitates loan application processing for students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Please see the Office of Financial Aid website for more information on federal and private loans.

Veterans Programs

Please see the Veterans Education Benefits section on the Office of Financial Aid website. Cornell University supports the Yellow Ribbon Program.

School of Hotel Administration Scholarship Funding

The School of Hotel Administration is committed to enrolling engaged and committed students regardless of financial circumstances. This year, the Hotel School will provide more than $250,000 in merit and need-based aid to the May 2018 entering class.

Students are automatically considered for merit scholarships. In order to be considered for need-based aid, students must complete an MMH Need-Based Scholarship Application. Both domestic and international students applying to the MMH program are eligible to apply. It is assumed that U.S. students will take out the full amount of the Federal Direct Loan (currently $20,500) before a need-based scholarship will be awarded. Completed applications should be submitted via email to the MMH Admissions Office ( Students applying for aid are encouraged to apply early, as aid is limited and consideration is made in the order in which applications are received.

Hotel School aid is designated for students in the following categories. You do not need to complete additional scholarship applications to be considered for the awards listed below.

Academic Excellence

A merit-based $3,000 scholarship ($1,000/semester) will automatically be awarded to admitted and enrolling applicants who score a 650 or above on the GMAT (or GRE equivalent).

Hospitality Scholarship for Excellence and Domestic Careers

Designated for high-performing graduate students from the United States.

Women in Hospitality Scholarship

Designated for female applicants seeking to start or advance their career in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Established for students intending to focus on an entrepreneurial pursuit in their graduate studies.

Hotel School Family Business Initiative

Scholarship preference is for students who have worked or intend to work for their family-owned business.

Excellence in Public Service Award

This scholarship recognizes and rewards outstanding public service. Public service activities can be articulated in your resume and in an email to with the Need-Based Scholarship application.

Food and Beverage Management Scholarship

First preference given to students who have an interest in food and beverage management.

Sarkis-McMullen ARDA Scholarship

Established in 1992 by Fred Sarkis and Edwin H. McMullen. Preference is given to students who have an interest in the vacation ownership/timesharing field.

Hospitality Scholarship for Asian Careers

Need-based funding is available for graduate students from Japan and Korea.

Hospitality Scholarship for EU International Students

Preference is given to students from Europe.

Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship

Matriculating MMH students can apply for this assistantship(You must be accepted to the program prior to applying for the assistantship.)

The Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship will be awarded to an individual holding a two-year culinary degree and a four-year bachelor's degree who wishes to pursue his or her continued education through the School of Hotel Administration's Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree program.

The Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship provides the individual with a graduate stipend, master's program tuition, and an advanced experiential-learning and research-support opportunity. Positions are awarded based on the guidelines provided by Cornell University's Graduate School.

The graduate assistant will serve half-time as a graduate TA in a staff teaching support specialist (TSS) role, teaching/supervising students in culinary labs and providing support to faculty in restaurant, food, and beverage-management courses.

The Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship consists of:

  • A position as a graduate teaching assistant (TA) serving in an academic staff support role in restaurant or food and beverage management courses for each of two years
  • A graduate TA stipend for each of the two years
  • Two years' tuition (prorated for part-time matriculation) for the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) program
  • All facilities and services normally provided to the school's graduate students


The term of the graduate assistantship will typically begin August in the first year. While the specifics of a graduate assistant's schedule will be developed with the qualified and accepted candidate, it is anticipated a tentative program schedule would be as follows:

Mid-May of Year 1

Full-Time MMH program

August of Year 1 through mid-May of Year 2

Half-Time MMH program

Half-Time TSS employment

August through mid-May of Year 2

Half-Time MMH program

Half-Time TSS employment

To Apply

To apply for the Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship, candidates should concurrently:

  • Apply to the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree program
  • Submit a letter of interest and resume to the MMH Admissions Office via email at

Candidates for the Food and Beverage Graduate Assistantship must meet all admissions requirements for—and be accepted into—the MMH degree program to qualify for the graduate assistantship.


Assistantship decisions will be made by the end of April for the upcoming May program start date. Graduate assistantships will be based on applicant pool, business needs, and funds availability.

Possible Outside Funding Sources

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