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Zsolt Katona

Hospitality Professional, Future Hotel Investor, Fund and Asset Manager
Zonnect International LLC

Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management


After completing the Certificate in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management I am excited to use all the knowledge, skills and experience I received during the course in my career and in my ongoing projects. Currently, I am developing a Hotel Real Estate Investment Fund based in Switzerland, focusing primarily on the Swiss and Central Eastern European markets.

After the completion of this exciting course, I feel absolutely confident that I can progress further in my career and successfully move forward my projects. Now I have a deep understanding how the Owners, Operators and Lenders work together, what is their motivation and how they can benefit in each deal. It is very important to know the primary drive of the stakeholders and make sure they see sustainable successful in every opportunity.

I would like to thank the entire Cornell Alumni, Professors, Teachers and Administration Department to give me this wonderful lifetime experience and the first step to progress my career further. I am fully convinced that when we study, develop and build ourselves up, where Cornell provides the best professional education, courses and extra value to Students, Professionals and anyone who wants to learn, we will be rewarded by the Universe for our hard work, positive thinking and commitment. Cornell University is the excellent example that if you want to become the best, you need to learn and work with the best. This is the only way to stand out and make a difference. Thank you very much Cornell again for everything. I am absolutely and definitely grateful and would be pleased to develop my professional skills at your University in the near future again.

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