Reviews and Testimonials

Professional Development Program (PDP)

In its 90th year, the Professional Development Program at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration offers a series of three-day hospitality management courses. Twenty-four courses and ten certifications are geared toward hospitality professionals who have a minimum of two years experience in the hospitality industry or a related field. PDP certifications, recognized around the world, are primarily composed of four topic-specific courses and can be completed in a single year or in as many as four years. From line-level managers to senior executives, PDP is certain to provide lifelong learning opportunities necessary to advance business and personal success. Led by Cornell faculty and industry leaders, participants are able to apply this unique experience immediately in their daily activities. Interaction and networking with colleagues from around the globe is a unique and integral component of the program.

Online Learning

Advance your career with Cornell's flexible, results-oriented online learning tailored to the challenges of working professionals. With over 60 courses and 16 certificate options, online learning is an efficient and effective way for professionals to learn new skills and gain key strategic insights into their industries and job functions. Learn at your own pace while engaging with participants from around the globe, build your network, and gain the education and skills you need to succeed. Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration has been offering online programming for over 15 years, and is the global leader in hospitality education. We offer live videoconferencing, webinars, foundational training, single course experiences, and multi-course standard and advanced certificates to meet the modern learning needs of individuals and organizations.

General Managers Program (GMP)

The General Managers Program is a ten-day learning experience for full-service hotel general managers and their immediate successors. In the past 35 years, the Cornell GMP has hosted more than 1,900 participants representing 120+ countries and is known as the hospitality industry's elite career-advancement program. GMP takes on strategic property-level issues through topics such as leadership, managing change, competitive advantage, human resources, marketing, and finance. Expand the foundation of your knowledge, broaden your viewpoint, and produce new solutions to the problems you face. Participants gain an invaluable connection to an international network of elite hoteliers from within the program, and affiliate membership in Cornell's extensive alumni network of more than 12,000 School of Hotel Administration graduates. The on-campus experience is the beginning of a lifelong connection to Cornell and its expanding base of knowledge and relationships.