Francine Dusabemariya
Francine Dusabemariya Master Trainer Rwanda Polytechnic, Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute (RTTI) Rwanda

Francine Dusabemariya

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The PDP 2018 is the most important professional development program I have never attended.

It was very exciting, I learnt more through sharing experience and true stories with different businessmen and business women from worldwide. Through PDP 2018, I got friends from different corners of the world and I believe this will boost my career.

About career platform, I acquired huge competencies that will contribute to my career platform and to my institution as well as my country.

I thank Professor Neil Tarallo for his true business related stories, examples and experience, these inspire a great open mind and develop critical thinking, mind of analysis, thinking high and having high expectation.

I thank also Andrew Quagliata for his huge in behavior changing about “doing something for others and persuasive speaking” through the recognition of ones’ social style.
I thank especially Nancy Weislogel, Jennifer (Macera) Mayo, Nickie Fredenburg and for your great hospitality, you are really kind person. I thank PDP organizers, Shara, Natalie for their daily emails.

I thank the government of Rwanda for its good governance which opens the worldwide doors to Rwandans. I thank the Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) for its effective collaboration with MasterCard Foundation and I thank MasterCard Foundation for its partnership.