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Academics is at the core of online learning at the School of Hotel Administration. Courses are authored by senior faculty members and infused with industry experts to help link theory to practice.

Meet our Online Faculty:

The role of instructors and the learning support team

Your experience is further enhanced by the presence of an online course instructor and learning support team.

In addition to the academic credentials and practical experience required to lead courses and work with participants, our instructors have all been trained in facilitating in an online environment. They’ve also been trained and tested on the subject material and learning objectives of each course they teach. Instructors function to enrich the basic course material from their own expertise and experience and to help participants make the most effective use of their time.

You’ll be expected to interact regularly with your instructor and fellow participants through the online discussions. Your discussions will be enriched through studying the interactive course materials: case studies, simulations, and presentations.

We recognize that the most effective learning is active, controlled by the learner. Your instructor functions as your primary resource and assistant in this process.

Communicating with your support team

The morning your course begins, you will receive a welcome message from your learning team which will provide you with course-specific information.

You can reach the learning team in multiple ways: via live chat or email, seven days a week.

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