Leadership Communication Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. (July 2 - 4, 2018) - Course Cost US$2,795

Leadership Comm Skills
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Course Focus

Communicating as a corporate entrepreneur requires a unique mix of skills. Leadership communication principles will be explained, examined, and applied as they relate shepherding new processes, products, or services from idea to implementation. Emphasis will be tailoring written and face-to-face messages to peers, senior managers, and customers. The format involves lectures, case studies, self-assessment, and hands-on activities.

Key Benefits

Participants will understand the instrumental role that communication plays in entrepreneurial organizations. You will gain insight into how corporate entrepreneurs should communicate with peers, senior managers, and customers. Participants will practice designing and delivering compelling presentations and writing concise, persuasive documents aimed to convince various audiences to care about your issues. In addition, you will apply knowledge to critically evaluate communication messages and use self-assessment to improve communication competencies.

Topics Include

  • Evaluating your communication style
  • Tailoring messages to peers, senior managers, and customers
  • Interviewing customers
  • Writing high-level business plans
  • Presenting ideas at various levels within the organization
  • Building a coalition and networking
  • Leading cross-functional teams


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