Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Existing Organizations

Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. (June 25 - 27, 2018) - Course Cost US$2,795

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Course Focus

This course will cover the basics of entrepreneurship in and by existing organizations in three ways. First, why entrepreneurship? How does corporate entrepreneurship connect with a firm-level strategy? Second, what challenges will you face? Third, how to become entrepreneurial? What approaches are available to firms to create new products and businesses and new internal processes and methods beyond their current area of expertise? In addition, how does the hospitality organization acquire, employ, manage and refresh these tools and methods?

Key Benefits

We will address corporate entrepreneurship from the perspective of three stakeholders:

  1. How do you as an entrepreneur inside manage yourself, your boss, your peers, and navigate the existing systems and structures? How can you start a new business or do something radically new inside an organization without "getting yourself killed in the process."
  2. How do you as a manager manage and "work" the systems and structures in which they operate? How do you participate in larger organization-wide efforts aimed at making the firm more entrepreneurial and innovative?
  3. How do you lead and sponsor corporate entrepreneurship and create and manage the systems and structures conducive to an entrepreneurial company?

Topics Include

  • How entrepreneurs think and behave
  • Managing corporate entrepreneurship
  • Organizing corporate entrepreneurship
  • Structuring the organization for entrepreneurial success
  • Exploring the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and innovation


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