Managing Diversity and Inclusion to Drive Organizational Success - NEW!

Managing Diversity and Inclusion

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Course Focus

In order to thrive in today’s global hospitality industry, it is critical that organizations - and those who lead them - effectively tap into the full potential of all of their increasingly diverse employees. Doing this requires leaders to first view both themselves and others as individuals with multiple, sometimes conflicting, identities and perspectives. Then, they must seek to understand and harness these unique attributes to support the career development of their team and themselves, and to deliver greater business value to the organization. In this highly interactive course, we will identify the personal and organizational challenges of achieving these goals and share skills and strategies to overcome them to create organizations that leverage interpersonal differences into a strength.

Key Benefits

Participants will come to understand the ways in which stereotypes and biases limit both individual and organizational performance. Further, they will learn how to become a more inclusive leader, and how to create a team culture and climate that celebrates and exploits diversity for the benefit of all.

Topics Include

  • Recognizing the true value of leveraging interpersonal differences (such as gender, race, ethnicity, culture, disability and sexuality), i.e. to drive organizational success, not just “because it is the right thing to do”
  • Identifying personal biases, where they come from, and how they affect your judgment, decisions and behavior
  • Understanding the role of bias in preventing leaders and organizations from tapping the full potential of their teams, including in your organization
  • Defining inclusive leadership
  • Learning strategies for overcoming barriers and creating an inclusive team culture and climate
  • Developing skills to lead difficult conversations about diversity to enhance relationships
  • Applying what you have learned to drive change within yourself and your organization.

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