Brand and Customer-Centric Marketing for the Cruise Industry

Ithaca, New York, U.S.A. (June 28 - 30, 2018) - Course Cost US$2,795

Brand and Customer-Centric Marketing for the Cruise Industry
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Course Focus

This course offers participants innovative and practical approaches for addressing strategic marketing challenges to improve revenue, profit, and customer loyalty. Through class discussions, case studies, and industry examples, learn the latest applications of brand-based thinking and analysis for tackling marketing challenges facing the cruise industry. Course material will draw on research, case studies, and real-world issues uniquely focused on the global cruise industry, brands, and customers.

Key Benefits

Participants will take away new ideas to significantly improve cruise operations and marketing. They will understand brand-based strategic-marketing concepts and frameworks for decision making, learn from “best practice” examples of successful cruise lines and other leading hospitality organizations, and apply the ideas, concepts, and principles to develop innovative and profitable strategies for better service and customer experience management.

Topics Include

  • Brand-centric thinking as a guide to marketing strategy and operational improvements.

  • Practical approaches for consumer insight to better understand the needs, wants, and purchase motivators of cruise customers

  • The role of visible value in generating market demand for cruises.

  • Trends in the consumer and business context that will affect the cruise industry today and in the future

  • Experience design as a method for enhancing the guest experience and loyalty intentions

  • The experiential-branding process for communicating brand promises to consumers and across the organization

  • Evolving marketing media—search, social, and mobile—and how these areas are affecting consumer choice and marketing strategy

  • Managing the cruise brand using people, process, and physical evidence strategies

  • Modern integrated marketing communications in the cruise industry

  • Evolving new media--website, social, search, and video media—as platforms for communicating the brand promise and generating cruise demand

  • Customer equity and return on marketing in the cruise industry


Level B

*Those who have completed "Strategic Marketing for Hotels and Restaurants" in previous years should not enroll in this course due to significant overlap of course material.

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