Human Resources Strategy

Session Focus

One of the most difficult challenges in hospitality firms today is leveraging human capital for growth and improved operational quality, while maintaining efficiencies and reducing costs. The purpose of this session is to examine a number of strategic and operational procedures for addressing these competing demands and identifying ways to enhance the value of the HR program. In this session, we will be using a number of real-world case examples and critical incidents to examine the various roles that the HR function can and should serve, and identify the policies and practices that can be used to guide and support the overall business plan.

Key Benefits

Understand ways to link the HR program with the strategic management process of the organization.

Create alignment and congruence within the HR function.

Improve HR systems and practices.

Session Topics

  • Strategic and functional role requirements for creating a sustainable, competitive advantage
  • HR policies, practices, and systems for maintaining efficiency and supporting growth and quality


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