Apply Total Hotel Revenue Management to Improve Profitability

Ithaca (June 11 - 13, 2020) Course Cost US$2995.00

Course Focus

Applying revenue management (RM) to non-rooms departments has proved to be more challenging than most hotels have anticipated. While many companies are trying to implement total hotel RM, most have not succeeded. The question is why? In this course, we will review strategies and tools that can be used to implement RM strategies in restaurants, spas, function space and other revenue streams.   We will also discuss successful strategies for implementation of these strategies.  The emphasis will be on communicating and interpreting the RM performance data and on developing an effective strategy for implementation.  The course format involves lectures, case studies and group discussions.

Key Benefits

Participants will learn how to analyze performance in non-rooms revenue strategies and how to effectively implement RM in those departments.

Topics Include

  • Total revenue management (RM) principles
  • Applying RM to restaurants
  • Apply RM to function space
  • Best practices for implementation

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