Negotiations in the Service Industry - NEW!

School of Hotel Administration (June 24 - 26, 2019) Course Cost US$2895.00

Course Focus

This course will help participants develop skills in face-to-face negotiations, no matter what the setting. Participants use role-play and discussion to increase understanding of negotiation dynamics and to build practical negotiating skills tailored to their own personal styles. Note that exercises, while set in the hospitality industry, may not reflect the exact negotiation settings you face. Discussions will help you apply general negotiation skills to your particular setting.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits: The key challenge of most negotiations is how to secure the best deal while maintaining excellent relationships. Negotiations present a tension between competitive and cooperative aspects of the deal, and this tension must be managed thoughtfully. Participants will develop and test their cooperative problem-solving, planning, and tactical-negotiation skills.

Topics Include

  • Adding value through negotiations
  • Managing trust
  • Defusing tough tactics
  • Planning for critical negotiations


Level B

*Strong English verbal skills are essential.

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