Essential Skills for Leadership

School of Hotel Administration (June 27 - 29, 2019) Course Cost US$2895.00

Course Focus

Understanding yourself as a leader of others is a prerequisite for your success. Through experiential activities, personal assessments, and interactive feedback, this course will enhance participants’ understanding of their own individualized, leadership styles and strengthen their abilities to lead others in their hospitality organizations.

Key Benefits

Participants will obtain key insights into their unique leadership styles. They will learn how to overcome any blockages that are impeding their ability to effectively lead and manage others. In addition, they will strengthen their ability to motivate all types of employees.

Topics Include

  • Tapping into your personalized leadership style, including your emotional intelligence.
  • How to motivate both outstanding and challenging employees to higher levels of performance.
  • How to turn work groups into inspired teams
  • Leveraging the best parts of conflict
  • Teaching others to learn from change
  • Taking a creative approach to problem-solving


Level A

Those who have previously completed “Managing People: Essential Skills for Leadership” should not enroll in this course due to significant content overlap.

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