Marketing Management

Course Focus


This course offers participants an introductory but thorough understanding of marketing as it applies to hospitality businesses. Through class discussions, case studies, and real-life examples, participants will learn to apply key marketing principles to solve hospitality marketing problems and take advantage of new opportunities. This course is directed toward hospitality executives, entrepreneurs, and others who want a fundamental understanding of hospitality marketing. Participants who will benefit especially from this course are those who have not recently attended a hospitality marketing course, non-marketing executives, those who wish to move to the marketing area, and those looking for a basic refresher course.

Key Benefits

Understand key marketing-management concepts and principles, learn a disciplined approach to the analysis and management of hospitality-marketing challenges, apply the ideas, concepts, and principles to your business to develop innovative and profitable strategies and programs, identify the essential components of a hospitality marketing plan.

Topics Include

  • Market segmentation: Identify and analyze customer groups
  • Target marketing: Select and attract key markets
  • Competitive analysis: Understand how to create and defend your unique position in the marketplace
  • Positioning: Find your unique place in the customer's mind
  • Market research: Identify the most effective mix of tools for understanding the needs of your target audience
  • Consumer behavior: Understand what drives decision making
  • Product: Define the most valuable product/service mix for your target audience
  • Pricing: Create and capture the most value
  • Promotion: Develop the optimal integrated communication strategy
  • Distribution: Build and manage the most effective and efficient channel strategy

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