Leading with Effective Communication

Ithaca (June 15 - 17, 2020) Course Cost US$2995.00

Course Focus

Communication is how leaders accomplish their goals. You will learn about how the patterns of behavior that you use when interacting with others impacts your leadership effectiveness. In the process you will also learn how to read others so that you can increase your understanding of your audience’s needs. Participants will practice designing and delivering compelling verbal and written messages. The format involves self-assessment, hands-on activities, lectures, and instructor and peer feedback.

Key Benefits

Understand your default communication style and how you adjust your style to increase your ability to persuade others. 

Acquire and practice effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Learn advanced presentation skills including how to use stories and data to influence others and how to communicate complex information visually. 

Practice pitching ideas and overcoming resistance.

Understand and practice giving feedback that can improve the effectiveness of your team and organization. 

Apply knowledge to critically evaluate communication messages and use self-assessment to improve communication competencies.

Topics Include

• Evaluating your communication style 

• Tailoring your messages to your key stakeholders 

• Advanced presentation skills 

• Responding to resistance 

• Writing high-level business documents

• Giving and receiving feedback

*Participants who have attended “Leadership Communication for Innovators should not attend this course due to significant overlap of course material.

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